Why Use Hosted Exchange With Cetra Technology?

Most small amd mid-sized businesses are using email as a primary communication channel with customers, colleagues, and suppliers. but many of these companies stop there, missing out on productivity-boosting features like shared calendars, contact information and files.

By upgrading to the world’s most popular business messaging software, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, you can significantly raise your team’s efficiency for than it would cost you to have your own dedicated IT staff to manage an Exchange environment.
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Exchange is Microsoft’s e-mail, collaboration and scheduling tools. They are so widely used they have become the de facto standard of almost any successful business. Unfortunately, small and mid-size businesses often lack the means to justify or be able to implement and maintain a full-featured Microsoft Exchange System. these businesses usually end up with a featureless Exchange or email system.

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It is simply an Exchange platform that is built and managed by another company that provides this Exchange platform to their companies as a service. Cetra’s Hosted Exchange is a full-featured Exchange platform, located on a Tier 4 datacenter (the highest rating you can have). Companies can subscribe to the hosted services on a monthly basis expanding and shrinking as they need. No long-term contracts or capital expenses. And with this service you can access your email using Outlook 2007 or Entourage on your desktop, Outlook Web Access (OWA) in any Web browser, or wirelessly from a device like Windows mobile device, BlackBerry Server, or iPhone.

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Running a business is tough enough. Learning the IT business on top of your own is distracting and expensive. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to build fully-featured, robust and fault tolerant computer systems. This is where Cetra Technology’s hosted exchange service makes a difference. Company owners and CEOs can narrow their management focus on financial resources to that of their business.

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Advanced Features

Exchange is a quantum leap from basic email and makes your team much more productive through constant access to email and calendars and contacts, as well as important files and information.

  • Securely access email remotely – via Web Browser, Windows Mobile device, Blackberry, Enterprise Server or iPhone.
  • View colleagues up-to-date calendars and scheduled meetings.
  • assign and manage company tasks on central to-do list.
  • Manage contact information of employees and customers and access it anytime.
  • Shared documents across the team so everyone is working from the most current version.
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Network Management Services (NMS), from Cetra Technology, consists of various services level offerings that provide affordable proactive IT management and support. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, Cetra Technology provides a range of proactive services designed to optimize your technology investment and maximize the productivity of your people and business.