small and medium sized companies are able to achieve more profit when choosing virtualization. It helps SMBs to reduce risk, enhance security, improve server performance.

– SMBs have noticed improvements in:

  • Security
  • availability and continuity of business.
  • profitability
  • information backup
  • productivity


At Cetra we will provide you with all of that and more, get the first on-site consultation free of charge.

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Cetra’s CDM (Cloud Data Management)

Cetra will have a strategy ready for you to protect you from the possibility of a disaster that might affect your business. We will offer you Superior Business Quality Solutions

 A Backup is not just a Backup.

Although Data Backups are singular, they are meant to save your company from loss, there are two types:  archive and disaster recovery. Archive provides the ability to recover data as it existed at a certain time in the past., sometimes called a Snapshot.  Disaster recovery requires restoration of an entire system, not just the data files; all the applications, the configuration and operating system must be restored.  And quickly, very quickly.  As such, selecting a backup system to adequately protect a company is an important process.  It is also a very complex process.