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Cetra Technology was started in 2008 providing state of the art backup services for small and medium size businesses (SMB’s). Cetra began to realize many of its clients were struggling to maintain their IT Infrastructure while keeping costs predictable. It was a natural progression for Cetra to begin offering Managed Services to its clients. Cetra has grown to provide a diverse and dedicated team of engineers providing a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience.
[/row] [/span12] [row] [span12] [accordions] [accordion title=” We Understand your Business”] Cetra has staff that not only have significant experience in the IT field, they have staff who have been on the other side of the table, running a business. The president of the Cetra has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior executive of several companies including eight years as president of one of the first Managed Services company in Hawaii and more than seven as a vice president (operations) for a fortune 500 company.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Cetra, Your dedicated employee”] Cetra employees are trained and coached to treat each and every client as if they were personally employed by that very company. No employee is compensated for how long or short they spend working with a client. Their compensation is based on how well they do the job and how well the client thinks they did the job. This is the main reason Cetra created its pricing structure to be a flat rate. Once we take responsibility for a client’s IT infrastructure, we only care about keeping it running. There is no motivation to take shortcuts or skip a step. In fact our pricing was set up to encourage us to do the job right the first time.
[/accordion] [accordion title=” Valuable IT consulting”] Cetra has invested heavily in technology. Why shouldn’t we? After all, we manage IT for a living, so why shouldn’t we take the lead? We do. Cetra has the most advance monitoring and management software available combined with the training to understand and use it right. The information we get from that software and equipment combined with the experience we get from managing your technology, gives us the ability to sit down with you or we feel it necessary to review and develop plans for improvement, growth, and upgrades.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Low cost IT management”] This is tricky because sometimes the cost of a Cetra management contract may appear to be more expensive than an in-house IT group or even a competitor. However, Cetra has shown time and time again, after all the costs that are affected by Cetra, the final cost analysis truly shows value. Always.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Talented Engineers”] This is very important because no single individual can know all of the different technologies we use today (regardless of what some engineers might insist). If the management company employs experts in different areas and uses them effectively, your issues will be resolved much faster than if only one or two people were available to deal with an issue. This is probably more important than most executives realize. Often they have relied on one or two individuals for all of their IT guidance. But that really is a problem. As the executive, IT is not your expertise and you have no choice but to believe what you are being told. If your IT guy tells you the drive is toast and it will be 5 days before it can be fixed: how do you know if that is really the case? And where did your IT guy get his training? Was he an accountant in the company who knew the most about computers? Has she spent most of her career working on your system and if so how could she possibly understand new technology that she had had no exposure to? The discussion on this topic alone could go on for hours and hours. The point is two heads really is better than one and twenty heads is a whole lot better than one (or even two).
[/accordion] [/accordions] [/span12] [span12] As Cetra has grown and matured, technology has also grown and matured. The network of five years ago is almost unheard of today. As such Cetra spends a significant amount of time, energy and money improving current services, developing new services and even getting rid of old and outdated services.

Cetra has grown into a solid and reputable company that provides honesty and value to its clients. We can provide almost any technology a client needs including Internet bandwidth, private circuits, Managed Services, Hosted services, forensic and security services, Telephony (VoIP), design and consulting services and finally a promise that we will continue to improve and learn to keep your company in the lead.

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