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Support is a commitment.

It’s one thing to purchase a product or service: it’s another to get the support you need after the fact. Cetra’s core is based on support. If we don’t do it right, we don’t think you will come back. And we want you to come back.
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Call us to check up on us.

Call Cetra’s help desk and see what we mean. Almost without exception, if you call our help desk, someone will answer the phone. You don’t get an automated directory. We sell phones and do know how to do them. We just know that when you need help, you want to talk with someone as quickly as possible. Your emergency can’t wait. Something is wrong at your company and you need it taken care of right away. Call Cetra’s help desk and see if we answer the phone. Our support number is (808) 545-7505. This is the number you call when you are a customer and you need help. The real number. Then explain that you are looking at our company and wanted to see what kind of response you would get. Also, ask the person what the qualifications are. Not only will you get an answer, but you will find that we put experienced engineers on the phones: NOT newly hired wannabes. They may be modest, but they are good.
Cetra knows that our customers depend on us for anything IT. We get it. So, we hire engineers and specialists that cover all the areas a company may need help on its network. Why? Because anything that touches the network can affect the network and our pledge is to provide as close to a one stop shop for companies.
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One Neck to Choke.

One neck to choke” is a saying that fits our philosophy perfectly. Customers do not want to have to contact 4 different vendors when their phone system fails. They want to call someone and say “fix it.” Having multiple vendors overlap your services can be a nightmare. Particularly when the problem is a difficult one. The suddenly each of your vendors suddenly “discover” the problem is with your other vendor not them. We think that stinks. We know that technology can be tough and were in the business. If you are a lawyer or a doctor or a businesswoman and your computer doesn’t work, the last thing you want to do is spend time being shuffled back and forth between vendors as they play the blame game. We hate that. Period. And we have gotten into businesses just because we don’t like relying on other vendors. We know that no one else has the passion for providing you with solutions than anyone else.