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Case Studies
“Clearwell gave us the solution we needed to streamline a manual, iterative process that was eating up resources and costing us time and money. By automating the way we conduct our investigations, Clearwell reduced time spent on document analysis by 78 percent.”
“Clearwell already paid for itself in terms of the efficiencies we’ve gained, and the enthusiasm we’ve seen from clients. We’ve never seen anything as powerful or comprehensive as Clearwell, and can’t imagine a more accurate or cost-efficient method of documentprocessing, analysis, and review.”
“The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform delivered an impressive ROI, providing a deeper level of analysis that helps us quickly and accurately discover relevant documents with significantly fewer resources.”
“When I compare analyzing documents by manual review versus using Clearwell, the two are worlds apart. It’s like the difference between trying to cook a meal using the heat generated from rubbing two sticks together versus using a microwave to accomplish the same task.”
“The ability to eliminate duplicates, link related messages together into threads, quickly tag them and cull down the data set to the most relevant messages is incredibly valuable. Clearwell’s intelligent analysis, combined with its rapid speed and accuracy make it a valuable addition to our advanced security infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings on document analysis and review.”
Clearwell Systems helps Holme Roberts & Owen meet commitments for expedited e-discovery and quickly determine case strategy for a Fortune 500 client
Clearwell Systems helps Duane Morris gain access to the relevant documents in 2 hours, eliminate 99% of data before second level review, and document the defensibility of their e-discovery process, reducing cost, risk, and time for their client.
Clearwell Systems helped Hinshaw & Culbertson process all case documents in one day and culled out 99.9% of documents in hours, meeting the court appointed deadline and avoiding a Motion to Compel.
Clearwell Systems helps DLA Piper cull-down case data by 99% percent allowing them to perform an early can assessment, respond to large data requests in four days, and avoid sanctions.
Clearwell partners with a certified service provider to help Oracle leverage Clearwell using the Managed Services Program. The result: reduced e-discovery costs and superior case knowledge and strategy with zero additional headcount or infrastructure
In 2005 alone, Constellation Energy faced 225 e-discovery requests. Their response was to automate the labor-intensive e-discovery process with Clearwell
Clearwell Systems helps Saint Barnabas Health Care System enable early case assessments by providing a window into the company’s electronically stored information, allowing quick access to key content, and intelligently culling irrelevant data, reducing overall review costs.