[row][span8][banner title=”Averting Disaster and Saving Your Company” text=”Considering how important a company’s data can be to its very survival, it is amazing how few companies take the time and expense to plan, develop and implement a process for backing up their data. This is particularly remarkable when one considers the correlation of business failure and poor data backups. Several studies have shown that upwards of 80% of companies that lose their data (and are unable to recover it for more than three days) will file for bankruptcy within one year.
” custom_class=”bann-1 style-1″][banner title=”How much is your data worth?” text=”Unfortunately these studies do not consider the cost companies experience for a partial data loss. And every company has experienced data loss. Further, it is almost a certainty that every company will experience some loss of important data in their future. Regardless of effort, equipment will fail, power fluctuations, disgruntled employees accidents, audits, lawsuits, the delete button, etc. All of these events will demand data to be restored. One would be hard pressed to not have a memory of some kind of data loss and a memory of how painful such a loss was. What is amazing though, is how slow many companies are with respect to learning from these experiences. It is indeed rare to find a company that has fully planned, designed, implemented and tested a data backup plan. In fact, data backup is placed at or near the bottom of most companies’ IT budget and is therefore often underfunded or cut altogether.” custom_class=”bann-1 style-2″][/span8][span4][banner banner_link=”contacts/” title=”Cetra’s CDM Cloud Data Management. Superior Business Quality Solutions. A Backup is not just a Backup.” text=”Although Data Backups are singular, they are meant to save your company from loss, there are two types: archive and disaster recovery. Archive provides the ability to recover data as it existed at a certain time in the past., sometimes called a Snapshot. Disaster recovery requires restoration of an entire system, not just the data files; all the applications, the configuration and operating system must be restored. And quickly, very quickly. As such, selecting a backup system to adequately protect a company is an important process. It is also a very complex process. Listed below (yellow box) are the key criteria or components that make up a backup. ” custom_class=”bann-1 style-3″][/span4][/row]

Small and medium sized businesses don’t have staff that have been exposed to the myriad of possible problems their company may encounter. Thus it is common for IT staff to end up trying to explain why the “backup system”, failed. Few companies actually have a backup plan for their data and fewer ever test the effectiveness of their backup system before they experience a data loss.


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CDM  uses a patented process which can speed up the time required to take a FULL backup.

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 There is a user friendly GUI that allows easy and absolute control over what will be backed up. There are inclusion and exclusion rules meaning for example. you could  require that NO  MPG files are backed up.
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CDM provides absolute control over your data. It keeps what you want and removes what you don’t. Removing old data is sometimes just as important as keeping data.

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CDM is infinitely expandable. You use and pay for what you need when you need it. You don’t need to grow into a system and you don’t need to worry about outgrowing a system.
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CDM is housed in a tier 4 data facility with redundant power, redundant air cooling, 3 levels of fire suppressant, 24/7 manned security with biometric controlled access. Far superior to any company’s server room.

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Restoring a lost or damaged file is easy. Simply log onto the Cetra web, authenticate and an intuitive GUI becomes available. Find the date, open the directory where the file was stored, select and restore. Simple, fast and accurate.

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Restoring a lost or damaged file is easy. Simply log onto the Cetra web, authenticate and an intuitive GUI becomes available. Find the date, open the directory where the file was stored, select and restore. Simple, fast and accurate.

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Cetra has a high standard for Data kept in its data silos. The data is verified everytime a backup is take. In addition, there is a data integrity check done twice per day on all existing Data, ensuring corruption free data.

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Cetra’s CDM is kept on an EMC Avamar data storage network. This is a RAIN configuration with every item in the system having at least 2 levels of redundancy. Nothing is more reliable.

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