IT as a service is the newest term for outsourcing IT services. Formally described as Network Management Services (or NMS), NMS was a service that managed the company’s network. However, with the advent of the Cloud, the company’s IT infrastructure was becoming more and more complicated. So complicated that Network management didn’t really cover the company’s technology needs. In addition, more processes have been integrated into the network making the IT infrastructure more than just a computer network. These include services such as VoIP (telephone), Security and video cameras, Access control, and well as several others. designing and managing these was more than most MSP’s could provide. Cetra saw this trend several years ago and started the difficult process of integrating this technology knowhow into the company, providing a model of what we proudly refer to as our “one neck to choke policy”. This gave our clients the freedom to acquire whatever technology they needed with the confidence that Cetra would not only be able to provide that service, they would be able to do so with the same level of expertise they have provided for NMS.

IT as a Service or (ITaaS) is becoming the newest buzzword in the world of Business Technology. What exactly is ITaaS? In short, it is a third party that provides all of the IT technology to the client. This includes hardware, software, systems management, Infrastructure management, etc. This is a natural evolution of Network Management Services where the third party would manage the infrastructure for the client. However, the applications and equipment would typically stay at the client’s site and be owned by the client.

Because that has worked so well, company executives and senior management are asking, :”Since this has worked so well for us, why can’t our vendor provide everything and be responsible for everything, leaving us to focus on our business?” Simply put a great idea, but it is the execution that will count.

Cetra Technology has seen this coming for several years now and has been preparing us with the ability to provide all these services under one roof. After all, we do say, “one neck to choke is the best”, meaning let us deal with all the details of all the different aspects of your technology. Most CEOs don’t have the background to be able to manage technical people. Cetra Technology does.